Graven Bread

Graven Bread
  • Graven Bread
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  • Author: Timothy F. Kauffman
    Type: softback 204 pages

    For literally millennia, the people of God have honoured Him through a ritual called the Passover. Since Christ's crucifixion it has been called the Lord's Supper and Christians today still honour His request,"This do in remembrance of Me".  Yet over the last thousand years, slight modifications have been made to this celebration - modifications which have changed the meaning of the Lord's Supper. For while God taught us in His Word to worship Him alone, many people in the world today, and indeed for many centuries past, have forgotten God's command that we shall not worship graven images, images made with human hands. And in forsaking that command, countless millions have been led into the practice of worshipping the Communion Bread.